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Miss Jones Gets Hooked

The Adventures of Miss Jones

Miss Jones Bio

Follow the fun adventures of our dizzy librarian.

Yes, I am real and it's the real Miss Jones who is writing this.

Legs in the air

The first thing I'm going to tell you about myself is something you might find hard to believe. I assure you it's true. I'm actually extremely shy. I really was a timid library assistant for 10 years before the web site came into being. Towards the end of my time as a library assistant, I spent two long hard years learning computer networking, all of which I've now forgotten! But the very same week in which I was awarded my MCSE qualification, I happened to be asked to stand in front of a camera to help someone doing a course in wedding photography. I absolutely loved it and from that moment on, I had no interest in being a computer network engineer. I wanted to spend my working life in front of a camera. I started looking around for opportunities to pose in front of a camera by approaching camera clubs and the like. I suppose you could call me the world's shyest exhibitionist! Eventually, 'The Adventures of Miss Jones' was born.

How similar is the Miss Jones you see on the pictures to the real Connie Jones who is writing this? You'd be amazed how similar we are. Like the Miss Jones in the stories, I love wearing stockings, and I've worn them as opposed to tights ever since I was old enough. I also love to wear high heels and short sexy dresses. But like Miss J in the stories, I'm actually quite prim and proper. I tend to keep everything well covered when I'm out so that people don't think I'm being deliberately provocative.

Some people are interested in 'vital statistics', so here are mine. I'm a natural brunette, 5' 8" tall without shoes, and 38-26-38. My bra size is 32DD and shoe size is a wide UK size 8 (7.5 for sandals).

Another of my interests is dance, although I've never been particularly good at it and I've never been on a stage or anything like that. I've been learning ballroom and Latin-American dance for many years, until now when I can no longer afford the lessons. But a short while back, Miss Jones needed to do a story about pole dance, so I thought I'd better take a few lessons on the art of the pole.

So please sign up and enjoy the photo-stories in my Members area.

Miss Jones xxx