Miss Jones Gets Hooked

The Adventures of Miss Jones

The dizzy librarian with the wonderful legs

Follow the fun adventures of our dizzy librarian.

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Welcome to the Adventures of Miss Jones. Here you'll find nothing but tasteful old-fashioned 'pinup' humour.

The Adventures of Miss Jones

This web site seeks to emulate the good taste and ethics of the BBC in the 1950s, with Benny Hill and Carry On type humour - slightly saucy but never offensive.

The members' area consists of Miss Jones Picture-Story Adventures. Miss Jones Adventures are funny, always in good taste, and consisting of pin-up humour with no nudity - in fact not a single topless image - and no images intended to be sexually arousing or erotic.

However for reasons given here, access to the members' area is controlled by a strict age verification policy which requires proof that the person registering is over 18.

To find out what your membership to The Adventures of Miss Jones will buy you, please visit the Picture Stories pages using the link on the left, or for more details please click here.

If you're seeking images to stimulate sexual arousal or eroticism, you won't find them here! (Instead, try the UK daytime-TV perfume, cologne, coffee and chocolate commercials!)

You will find plenty of material in the members' area to keep you happily entertained!