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Miss Jones Gets Hooked

The Adventures of Miss Jones

MyOnLine Shop

Follow the fun adventures of our dizzy librarian.

About My OnLine Shop

My sales catalogue consists of glamour Videos and PhotoSets which reflect the good taste and ethics of the BBC in the 1950s. Their humour is in the style of Benny Hill and the Carry On films and they are influenced by famous pin-up artists such as Gil Elvgren and Art Frahm. But here and only here is where you can buy my products which contain an added dimension of naughtiness and sensuality you won't find on my web-site. Always in good taste and never offensive, these Videos, Photosets and Esets will keep you entertained and happy for many hours of viewing fun.

Miss Jones products welcome

Please note: These products contain female nudity only, and there is no pornographic content whatsoever.

However, under the provisions of UK law (Digital Economy Act 2018), the sale of any material classified as 'Over 18', i.e. containing nudity or of a sexually provocative nature, may not be sold or distributed to minors. The sale of all Miss Jones Products, i.e. photosets and videos, is therefore limited to adults and controlled by a strict age-verification process. For details of our age-restriction policy, please click here.

ALL the material is copyright. It is strictly for your personal use and must not be shared or copied in whole or in part. Publication on any medium including the Internet would be in serious violation of copyright laws and would render the offender liable for both criminal and civil prosecution.