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***"Miss Jones in Full Bloom"***

Photoset - released 1st November 2017 - see "Photosets" - MJC25 - "Full Bloom" for details

Previous release

***"In the Bushes" and "Red Alert"***

Esets - released 1st October 2017 - see "Esets" - MJE12 - "Outdoors" and MJE16 - "Slips Pt2" for details

Previous release

***"Miss Jones Performs"***

Video - released 1st September 2017 - see "Videos" - MJV27 - "Performs" for details

Previous release

***"Body and Sole" and "US Male Service"***

Esets - released 1st August 2017 - see "Esets" - MJE14 - "Pinup Pt2" and MJE15 - "Fantasy Pt2" for details


Don't forget that if you live in or would like to visit the UK, you can photograph or video Miss Jones yourself, or enjoy her hospitality over a longer period (see "Visits & commissions", then MJS01 through MJS07 for details, or email Miss Jones)

Or if you're not able to photograph her in person, you can commission a photoset or video to your own specification (see "Visits & commissions", then MJS08 for details, or email Miss Jones)