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WHO IS MISS JONES? (For those who don't already know!!) Miss Jones is a shy, sexy, easily embarrassed librarian with her own website, Benny Hill type humour, coupled with pin-up glamour and spicy adventures with a punch line. She adores slips, beautiful lingerie, short skirts, high heels, fully fashioned seamed and RHT stockings.
A small selection of the images within the MJ Group Gallery may be regarded as mildly sexually provocative, or  exhibiting tasteful and/or artistic nudity. In conformance with the law therefore, access to the MJ Group Gallery requires age verification.

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Hey Folks! 

Thanks to those members who posted thus far! Last chance to post final entries for this contest will be by 8pm tomorrow 16 July 2019, US Eastern "Daylight Savings" Time (DST).
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Posted - 2019-07-15 11:45:01
The Group Homepage Photo has been changed out to begin our next contest.

Go to the "Competitions" Caption Contest #645 page and study the Homepage photo and then use the "click here 
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Posted - 2019-07-10 01:03:27
Hi Folks: 

Thanks to those who posted entries this week! The lady and I picked the following entry submitted by medock3333:

Filename: Now hands that do dishes...

Caption: ... can feel as soft
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Posted - 2019-07-10 01:02:21