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Contest #540, ending at 2017-07-12 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: undherdog on 2017-07-05 at 02:52:11
Filename: declare some independence
Caption: start with removing the burden of clothing

Other entries

Posted by: Sunshine on 2017-07-05 at 01:20:58
Filename: Showing the flag
Caption: Red, White and whew.
Posted by: jorelofkrypton on 2017-07-05 at 05:50:58
Filename: Colors
Caption: Taking off white while wearing red makes me blue?
Posted by: ssgcarl on 2017-07-05 at 12:03:18
Filename: What I Fought For
Caption: The flag, country, Mom, apple pie, and women that look like MJ!! (Vietnam, USN, 1967-68. Army National Guard War on Terror 9/11/2001) Hooah!!!!!
Posted by: tictctoe on 2017-07-06 at 09:23:36
Filename: Independant Lady
Caption: America was Trump-ed by Miss Jones Diplomatic Strip
Posted by: medock3333 on 2017-07-06 at 13:09:32
Filename: English rose in red
Caption: Flag in blue, proud and upright, raising my flag pole for you.
Posted by: torlor on 2017-07-07 at 01:55:59
Filename: Holiday Treat
Caption: Miss Jones, you're, more fun than fireworks on the 4th of July.
Posted by: Alanclark on 2017-07-07 at 07:20:57
Filename: Red right & you
Caption: Showing the flag, but I must keep my hat on....
Posted by: undherdog on 2017-07-11 at 13:28:51
Filename: 2nd attempt;red, white but nay on the blue
Caption: Dominion day had passed,you hardly knew

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