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Contest #534, ending at 2017-05-31 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: sunshine on 2017-05-24 at 21:37:26
Filename: Whoa big boy
Caption: Don't point that thing at me, it might go off.

Other entries

Posted by: undherdog on 2017-05-24 at 05:36:44
Filename: old fashion stick up
Caption: "hands up" MJ....,I mean "Keep your hands where i can see them",ahhI mean "drop em" ,never mind,show me your guns.
Posted by: Bobtwocameras on 2017-05-24 at 23:51:44
Filename: Newton's third law of motion!
Caption: This says that when two objects push or pull against each other, the forces that they feel are equal and opposite - so now you know!
Posted by: Alanclark on 2017-05-26 at 08:45:11
Filename: Hands up,
Caption: OK you win hands down.
Posted by: tictctoe on 2017-05-27 at 13:53:03
Filename: Police procedure
Caption: Assume the position Miss Jones Oh....ok that's close enough.
Posted by: ssgcarl on 2017-05-30 at 11:16:42
Filename: Get Back MJ!!
Caption: When you wear that outfit, I'm not sure how big this thing will get!!
Posted by: kiteview on 2017-05-30 at 16:33:26
Filename: Escape
Caption: There's no point pushing on the glass door, I'm the only one with the key. Drop your hands and I'll let you out said the Vicar.

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