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Contest #422, ending at 2015-04-08 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: Bobtwocameras on 2015-03-31 at 00:33:28
Filename: Someone said it’s behind you!
Caption: “Do you not think that my seat offers one of the best views in the garden?"

Other entries

Posted by: Alan Clark on 2015-03-31 at 09:16:25
Filename: Cheeky
Caption: Miss Jones proves she is the cheekiest in Plunpton....
Posted by: jorelofkrypton on 2015-03-31 at 14:38:05
Filename: Behind Ploy
Caption: Yes Miss Jones it landed just behind the bench, said the Vicar.
Posted by: lennie27 on 2015-03-31 at 17:26:57
Filename: Amateur Gardener
Caption: What a lovely display of red geraniums Miss Jones. Do you mind if I sit here and admire the view ?
Posted by: emtannuk on 2015-03-31 at 18:32:03
Filename: Black Bush
Caption: Sorry Vicar, I Cant see a Black Bush anywhere.
Posted by: Dale632 on 2015-04-01 at 21:12:11
Filename: Wild Life
Caption: I think I just spotted a white tail, dear!
Posted by: lonic123 on 2015-04-02 at 13:06:57
Filename: Looking for pussy
Caption: Vicar did you see a cat ?... Look over the seat Miss Jones... further over...
Posted by: tict@ctoe on 2015-04-03 at 08:42:36
Filename: Bench Wench
Caption: Get the behind me Satan......yeah join the queue like the rest of us
Posted by: sunshine on 2015-04-03 at 22:53:54
Filename: Buns
Caption: Not cross, but hot happy buns.
Posted by: rustie on 2015-04-04 at 08:16:09
Filename: Bench Warrant
Caption: Is a body search really necessary?
Posted by: Kiteview on 2015-04-06 at 19:57:48
Filename: Bench press
Caption: Thanks for showing me how to do a bench press Vicar but why do you need instruct me from back there?
Posted by: ClownJulie on 2015-04-06 at 21:39:14
Filename: Rennovation
Caption: From where he was standing the vicar could clearly see what needed rubbing down and the crack that needed filling.

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