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Contest #351, ending at 2013-12-04 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: sunshine on 2013-11-30 at 01:50:50
Filename: Grew Some
Caption: Look again its grew some more!

Other entries

Posted by: charliemann on 2013-11-27 at 03:19:25
Filename: Oh My ! !
Caption: Your "nozzle" is a LOT bigger than the one on my sprinkling can !
Posted by: Alan Clark on 2013-11-27 at 08:25:12
Filename: Comparisons
Caption: That,s rather a large hose you have, I much prefer my little sprinkler. Alan
Posted by: russell231160 on 2013-11-27 at 18:03:34
Filename: Good thyme gal
Caption: If you don't water your herb garden. You're gonna have a bad thyme.
Posted by: jorelofkrypton on 2013-11-27 at 20:39:17
Filename: contest entry
Caption: One Liner: Old Yellow Our Miss Jones decides to do a quick spot of watering, but the Vicar show up with his favorite movie early! Jor-EL of Krypton (Mike)
Posted by: lennie27 on 2013-11-27 at 21:45:18
Filename: Daffodil
Caption: You're a real daffodil Miss Jones and I'd love to help you do some planting
Posted by: lovestockings on 2013-11-29 at 03:39:44
Filename: Competition
Caption: Miss Jones suddenly realizes she can't compete with the neighbors large hose
Posted by: ssgcarl on 2013-11-30 at 17:13:56
Filename: Oh Darn!
Caption: Those Jehovah's Witnesses show up at the darnedest times!

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