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Contest #290, ending at 2012-09-26 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: ssgcarl_2000
Filename: But Doctor
Caption: are you sure that losing my knickers will help your patients see better?
Posted by: yetaone55
Filename: Doctors Appointment
Caption: Should NOT have gone to Specsavers!
Posted by: jorelofkrypton
Filename: Eye Exam (for the Optometrist)
Caption: Our Miss Jones goes to the Doctor for an Eye exam so why did he ask her to disrobe?

Other entries

Posted by: copya73
Filename: Visit to the Opthalmologist
Caption: No, No, No I said naked eye Ms. Jones, "naked eye".
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: Confused
Caption: I should have gone to "specsavers"
Posted by: emtannuk
Filename: Needing glasses.
Caption: "Miss this is not the changing room. Oh never mind, carry on".
Posted by: sundancezxq
Filename: A naked eye exam ?
Caption: You want me to put my legs in the air to check my eyes ??
Posted by: stephs_nylons
Filename: Eye Test
Caption: This is what is now required to have an Eye test and buy new Glasses??
Posted by: fantasie4774
Caption: No, no. I said I WANTED spectacles, not to be one!"
Posted by: clown_julie
Filename: What a spectacle!!
Caption: As always, Miss Jones knows how to focus our attention.
Posted by: totaltoyz
Filename: Lost in Translation
Caption: "New Glasses", not "Nude Lasses"!
Posted by: tedamfas
Filename: Looking for the Perfect Pair.
Caption: I think we're at cross purposes.
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: Optical illusion
Caption: Oh,!! I see, by taking my clothes off, you can match my skintone to the frames and lens tint.
Posted by: frank.spatara
Filename: "Devilish Opthamologist"
Caption: "Doctor, are you sure this is the usual eye exam?"
Posted by: jingles21053
Filename: Uh Oh
Caption: I thought this was the ladies locker room.
Posted by: diobo_jacande
Filename: The Illustrated Jones Dictionary
Caption: Entry for the word "Spectacles"
Posted by: chasmann46041
Filename: " X-Ray Glasses "
Caption: "you mean those X-Ray glasses they sold on the back of comic books REALLY work?"

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