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Contest #283, ending at 2012-08-08 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: yetaone55
Filename: Film Screenplays
Caption: So that's why it is called Brief Encounter!

Other entries

Posted by: chasmann46041
Filename: "P" for "Panties"
Caption: "the next person to checkout this encyclopedia is in for a surprise ! "
Posted by: jorelofkrypton
Filename: Spare Pair
Caption: Our Miss Jones forgot her knickers but has backup stored in books at the library. This book was called Wave the White Flag!
Posted by: zorggh
Filename: "bookmark"
Caption: Boy, the next person who looks up "lace" is going to get a big surprise!
Posted by: diobo_jacande
Filename: For Want Of A Phone Booth
Caption: Making sure that none among the customers or the robbers was looking her way, The LibrariAngel pulled her crime-fighting Suit swiftly out of its hiding place.
Posted by: John1999_uk
Filename: Knickers booked for falling off.
Caption: Whoever borrows this one is in for a surprise.
Posted by: frank.spatara
Filename: "Finders Keepers"
Caption: I can't imagine why someone left a brand new pair of knickers in this book, but they're mine now."
Posted by: class.michael
Filename: Popups
Caption: "Hmmm, these pop-up books become more interesting every day!"
Posted by: bobbieuk75
Filename: Bookmark
Caption: "I wish people wouldn't leave their bookmark when they return 50 Shades of Grey!"
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: Books of realism
Caption: I must read this "Knicerless Nicholby" as it's the latest touchy feely book, but what else are we going to experience.
Posted by: dave12rippon
Filename: The Literary Critic
Caption: Well this is a fine way to say knickers to the library!!!
Posted by: tedamfas
Filename: Miss Jones books her place.
Caption: Library "issues" are down, but my knickers arn't up for discussion.
Posted by: diobo_jacande
Filename: She'll show him (not)!
Caption: Since the vicar had been so obnoxious, Miss Jones put on the emergency pair before climbing up the ladder this time.

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