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Contest #274, ending at 2012-06-06 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: russell231160
Filename: Bush clipping
Caption: When Miss Jones says "she will show you her clipped bush in the bath" you don't always get to see what you envisaged!!
Posted by: zorggh
Filename: Springtime greenery.
Caption: "Just add bay leaves and simmer until ready......"

Other entries

Posted by: daveyspencer
Filename: Nice Bath
Caption: I'm sure Miss Jones will come out Minty Fresh.
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: "Bathtime blues"
Caption: OK Miss Jones leave this to me I'll sort it out.
Posted by: emtannuk
Filename: Misheard again.
Caption: No. No. A lady for all seasons. Not A lady for seasoning.
Posted by: jorelofkrypton
Filename: Leave it to Miss Jones
Caption: Our Miss Jones likes a little greenery even in the bathtub.
Posted by: russell231160
Filename: Love me or Leave me.
Caption: You don't bring me flowers anymore, but I love how you "leave me feeling".
Posted by: chasmann46041
Filename: "Bottom's Up ! "
Caption: "and,, we'll give those puppies a good soaking !! "
Posted by: allan.weir2...
Filename: Every rose has its thorn
Caption: 'Maybe I should have insisted on rose petals...ouch!'
Posted by: mastermike57701
Filename: Marinade for a man.
Caption: He said he loved the scent of these leaves, this should leave him mine, all mine.
Posted by: diobo_jacande
Filename: Camouflage
Caption: Regardless of means employed, such a derrière is NEVER going to pass unnoticed.
Posted by: jingles21053
Filename: Dreaming
Caption: Wishing You were here and that I had a bigger hot tub.
Posted by: totaltoyz
Filename: Rump Roast
Caption: A little garnish with all that yummy white meat!
Posted by: tedamfas
Filename: "Palm Springs" resort.
Caption: This place is certainly, no "bummer

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