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Contest #238, ending at 2011-09-28 02:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: yetaone55
Filename: Whoops!
Caption: So much for non-slip bath mats and stay up knickers!

Other entries

Posted by: mastermike57701
Filename: One more contest.
Caption: Yes, I'm sitting in the tub with my panties around my ankles, you try having to come up with a new picture each week and see how soon you're out of ideas.
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: "OOPS"
Caption: Knickers, that's another fine mess you've got me into.
Posted by: emtannuk
Filename: Knicker trip
Caption: Ooooh this waters cold.
Posted by: jorelofkrypton
Filename: Nursery Rhyme Who-done-it?
Caption: Miss Jones was pushed in! Was it the Butcher?, the Baker?, or the Candlestick Maker? We must dust Miss Jones for finger prints.
Posted by: dxtr_manson
Filename: Wet floor slip
Caption: "Wait Miss Jones,don't move. I'll join you."
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: "Call up"
Caption: You said "get fell in" is this what you meant.!!!

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