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Contest #237, ending at 2011-09-21 02:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: chasmann46041
Filename: "not a good day !"
Caption: " I left my door unlock clicker on the seat "

Other entries

Posted by: sundancezxq
Filename: car oops.
Caption: Only way to get free is to take off my dress.
Posted by: jorelofkrypton
Filename: Lifesaving Wildlife Imitation
Caption: Our Miss Jones sees a snake and makes like a Flamingo to avoid detection.
Posted by: jfvanv
Filename: oh dear
Caption: I guess I picked the wrong day to go commando!
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: Traffic jam
Caption: Darn it, Mr Swizzle has reset the automatic door shutting wrong again, I bet he's watching.!!
Posted by: nobbycars
Filename: Courtesy calls
Caption: That's the last time I let a gent help me with the car door.

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