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Contest #225, ending at 2011-05-18 02:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: Ed

Other entries

Posted by: class.michael
Filename: Petition
Caption: "Hello, would you please sing my petition, I'm running for the Library Board?"
Posted by: Daddy J
Filename: National Survey
Caption: I'm sure to get My quota of surveys wearing this outfit.
Posted by: Jor-EL of Krypton
Filename: "Newd" Trends Survey
Caption: Our Miss Jones takes a survey to see if the new "nude" trend is catching on.
Posted by: aidenkrull
Filename: Casual Best
Caption: "Miss Jones took casual friday to an all new level"
Posted by: Dale R
Filename: Customer Servicing
Caption: Welcome to Chez Jones, where the customer is always...aroused?
Posted by: class.michael
Filename: Petition
Caption: Hello, I'm running for the Library Board, would you sign my ballot petition?"
Posted by: Emtannuk
Filename: Credentials
Caption: Then he said "Come in, I`d like to take something down".
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: Can I count on your support?
Caption: Miss Jones was told at her induction for her new canvassing job to ensure she "took everything down
Posted by: Etienne
Filename: Miss Jones and the spring sale
Caption: after all the fittings I do not even know what pocket I put my keys
Posted by: Etienne
Filename: miss jones cendrillon
Caption: oh my god that poor old fairy godmother, has yet forgotten the formula
Posted by: kingfish390
Caption: Miss Jones knows that it's really the accessories that make a girl stand out from the crowd.

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