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Contest #224, ending at 2011-05-11 02:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: Dale R
Filename: Hot Pants-less
Caption: Nothing nicer on a chilly evening than some toasty buns!
Posted by: Dave Spencer
Filename: HotCrossBuns
Caption: I don't know about you but i like toasted buns with my wine.
Posted by: Emtannuk
Filename: Misheard Again
Caption: "I thought you said i was having a toasted BUN"

Other entries

Posted by: charlie mann
Filename: "Waiting on YOU! !"
Caption: "think i'll just catch a little nap till you get here"
Posted by: a a
Filename: Evening Meal
Caption: Hi Hubby, just warming your tea!
Posted by: Jor-EL of Krypton
Filename: Being "Yogi"
Caption: Our Miss Jones wants to act like a bear. Fortunately she wants to be a bearskin rug?
Posted by: Etienne
Caption: when the wine is good , the wife is god....
Posted by: jingles21053
Filename: Sleeping Beauty
Caption: One Kiss will wake Her up and make Miss Jones smile
Posted by: mastermike57701
Filename: Pleasant dreams.
Caption: Miss Jones dreaming of being worshiped by her fans.
Posted by: Steph Timms
Filename: Rug??
Caption: Who removed the bear Skin Rug??

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