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Contest #221, ending at 2011-04-20 02:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: charlie mann
Filename: "Fido ! Fetch !"
Caption: "I can't leave this bench without my knickers ! "

Other entries

Posted by: Dave Spencer
Filename: GoodBoy
Caption: Fido thinks he's the most popular dog in town, but I know better.
Posted by: Jor-EL of Krypton
Filename: Take a sniff
Caption: Our Miss Jones had Fido take a sniff so he can retrieve her hidden Knickers!
Posted by: Steph Timms
Filename: Walking The Dog
Caption: Here I am, in the Park, taking a walk with my dog.
Posted by: mr_bloke_uk
Filename: full fashioned Fido
Caption: "Come over and pet me. I won't bite!"
Posted by: Van
Filename: Friends at the park
Caption: You pet mine and I'll pet yours
Posted by: alan c
Filename: Country Casuals
Caption: That's right Fido you keep a look out for any peeping toms while I adjust my stockings.

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