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Contest #216, ending at 2011-03-16 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: Tim
Filename: A new but limited ensemble?
Caption: "Leaf off….Leaf on! I wish I knew how Eve attached hers!"

Other entries

Posted by: charlie mann
Filename: " lack of moisture ?"
Caption: "Looks a little dry,,what do you think would help? "
Posted by: Dale R
Filename: Praying For Autumn
Caption: Hello big boy...want to turn over a new leaf?
Posted by: alan c
Filename: "Leaf it"
Caption: I cant wait until autumn, for the leaves to fall.
Posted by: a a
Filename: Autumn (fall)
Caption: Sure is my favourite season!
Posted by: a a
Filename: Resolutions
Caption: Can't wait to see Miss Jones turn over a new leaf!
Posted by: tedamanforallseasons
Filename: Before or After?
Caption: I'll leave it up to you!
Posted by: Jor-EL of Krypton
Filename: "Leave" it to Miss Jones
Caption: Our Miss Jones is leaving to go on holiday and can't decide how big her bikini bottom should be. Should she just "leave" it behind?
Posted by: DaveR
Filename: Pride comes before a Fall
Caption: Its a long time till Autumn....but I can wait
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: Foliage replacement
Caption: The bush may have gone but Miss Jones finds a suitable "Lady Garden" replacement.
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: Fig leaf wearing temptress
Caption: Hubby said "wear something that leaves little to the imagination" for when he got home!! Hope he approves?
Posted by: alan c
Filename: Cant wait
Caption: All this talk of Autumn, just give me a very strong windy day should do it.
Posted by: Steph Timms
Filename: Fall
Caption: the season for the falling of Leaves
Posted by: Daddy J
Filename: Sneak Peak
Caption: Hi Boy's are You ready for the unveiling?
Posted by: Tim
Filename: Leaf it to you vicar!!??
Caption: No worries about how to fasten it now
Posted by: david
Filename: Fig leaf
Caption: yes I'd love to play Adam your Eve.Miss. Jones

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