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Contest #205, ending at 2010-12-29 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: Jor-EL of Krypton
Filename: Stars and Moon
Caption: Our Miss Jones said there would be a full Moon on Christmas and she was right (not exactly), and no one's complaining!

Other entries

Posted by: alan c
Filename: Seasons greeting
Caption: I didn't have time to dress before dressing the tree.!!
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: Stocking filler
Caption: Nobody fills Christmas stockings like Miss Jones. Santa has some serious competition.
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: Santa's crumpet.
Caption: Santa only comes once a year!!, so Miss Jones makes sure he has a warm and inviting welcome upon his arrival.
Posted by: alan c
Filename: "Merry Christmas"
Caption: I only wish Miss Jones was in my stocking on Christmas morning.
Posted by: class.michael
Filename: Kneehighs
Caption: "Santa, when I asked for Knee Highs, I was referring to socks!"
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: The must have Christmas gift
Caption: Now that is one "stocking filler" I would love to have this Christmas!!
Posted by: RUSSELL H
Filename: big boys Christmas toy
Caption: Beautifully gift-wrapped and even though some of the elastic has mal-functioned, still lots to play with and enjoy over Christmas and beyond!!
Posted by: DaveR
Filename: Batteries not includ.....needed
Caption: Hours of endless fun with this life size doll...press button one and the knickers fall down...button 2 has a number of ENF expressions...terms and conditions apply....not recommended for those with a heart condition or blood pressure problems also comes with a comedy vicar doll and a number of changeable outfits...fully flexible. Satisfaction guarenteed or your money back.
Posted by: samson7102
Filename: An extra present
Caption: I wonder if my new knickers are in here.
Posted by: samson7102
Filename: Secret Santa
Caption: 'Now which present would Ed and the group prefer'
Posted by: Jim
Caption: The real present is next to the tree, not under it!
Posted by: profpep
Caption: The Ultimate Present: even unwraps herself!
Posted by: zad
Filename: Santa Knows Naughty
Caption: This time Miss Jones has not had an elastic failure. She knows what Santa is going to do about all the naughty pictures that have been posted of her, and she has just gotten ready for it so that she doesn't waste Santa's time. But isn't it strange that Santa leaves her so many presents considering how naughty she has been!
Posted by: Daddy J
Filename: Wondering
Caption: If Santa thinks I have been Naughty or Nice?

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