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Contest #196, ending at 2010-10-27 01:00:00

Winning entry

Posted by: ronnyg292001
Filename: Can Stand It!
Caption: These Buget cuts are the worst...they let my chair "go"

Other entries

Posted by: Hogshooter
Filename: Left Hanging
Caption: What did you do with my chair? Do you expect me to come sit on you?
Posted by: alan c
Filename: Confused
Caption: I have no idea whats going on or coming off, as long as it's not my dress.!!!!
Posted by: samson7102
Filename: Missing chair!
Caption: Iknow someone has taken my chair in the hope of an elastic failure, surprise, (whisper) I forgot them this morning!!.
Posted by: Daddy J
Filename: Pervert
Caption: I know what Your thinking, just get Your mind out of the gutter.
Posted by: class.michael
Filename: chiropractor
Caption: "Excuse me Miss, but I'm a chiropractor and would be happy to manipulate those to help you straighten up!"
Posted by: dagpla
Filename: "The Promotion Path"
Caption: "You'll get a rise eventually - but I suggest you start at the bottom....."

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