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MJV29 - Miss Jones Goes Bananas

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Who would you vote off PWTV's first ever reality TV show? See who wins the fabulous prize! In this varied selection of scenarios Miss Jones also gets the better of criminals, is fooled by two imposters and travels into the past!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 39 minutes

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Image for Big_Mother_Pt1

V29_01 Big_Mother_Pt1

Miss Jones, Miss Farquhart and Miss SBS compete in a live reality TV show on PWTV. Who will get the better of whom?

Run time: 15 minutes 27 seconds

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Image for Fine_Trim_Pt2

V29_02 Fine_Trim_Pt2

This continues the story in which Miss Jones contrives to beguile and entertain a criminal until she manages to call the police!

Run time: 15 minutes 52 seconds

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Image for Valets_to_the_Dolls

V29_03 Valets_to_the_Dolls

A display of animatronics in Plumpton Village Library gives Miss J the opportunity to cunningly capture two well-known thieves!

Run time: 17 minutes 37 seconds

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Image for The_Touch

V29_04 The_Touch

Miss Jones is given a sensual massage by a mysterious pair of hands!

Run time: 16 minutes 46 seconds

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Image for Bananas

V29_05 Bananas

A rumoured banana shortage means that Miss J inadvertently invites a disguised Miss SBS and her boyfriend round. Will they manage to make a fool of her?

Run time: 16 minutes 0 seconds

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Image for Victoriana_Strip

V29_06 Victoriana_Strip

The past comes to life in this exciting Victoian striptease!

Run time: 17 minutes 41 seconds

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