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MJV28 - Miss Jones in Fine Trim

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In this collection Miss Jones finds herself in a variety of situations where sometimes she is too gullible and at others quite smart. Stories include a short sighted tax inspector who cannot see what is happening, a criminal becomes ensnared by MJ's charms and Miss SBS is fooled!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 41 minutes

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Image for Invigilator

V28_01 Invigilator

Surely being an exam invigilator is money for old rope. What could possibly go wrong?

Run time: 18 minutes 50 seconds

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Image for KnickerNicker

V28_02 KnickerNicker

A case of mistaken identity could get Miss Jones into trouble but she comes to a special arrangement with the wronged man!

Run time: 21 minutes 40 seconds

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Image for Taxing

V28_03 Taxing

A severely short sighted tax inspector has Miss Jones stripping off at work but this works out to her advantage in the end!

Run time: 12 minutes 19 seconds

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Image for TheBurnPt2

V28_04 TheBurnPt2

The two fitness entrepreneurs continue their thorough calibration of Miss Jones’s new gym equipment!

Run time: 13 minutes 5 seconds

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Image for FineTrimPt1

V28_05 FineTrimPt1

Miss Jones distracts and detains a criminal by engaging his help with a very special styling exercise!

Run time: 13 minutes 45 seconds

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Image for SBSStrip

V28_06 SBSStrip

Miss Jones offers to help Miss SBS learn to strip but it’s really a ruse for revenge!

Run time: 22 minutes 2 seconds

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