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MJV25 - Miss Jones is Clueless

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Miss Jones displays an uncanny knack for finding various ways to get into trouble and lose her clothes!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 42 minutes

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Image for Clueless

V25_01 Clueless

Miss Jones gets caught up in an ultra-high reality immersive board game from which there seems to be no escape!

Run time: 16 minutes 16 seconds

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Image for Investigators

V25_02 Investigators

Miss J is shocked to discover not one but two burglars in her house! What can they do until the rush-hour has died down so that they can make their escape?

Run time: 21 minutes 50 seconds

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Image for Undercover_Pt2

V25_03 Undercover_Pt2

Special Police Constable Jones continues to investigate suspicious activities, but finds herself auditioning for a job as a stripping pole dancer! What will be the outcome of her investigation?

Run time: 14 minutes 53 seconds

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Image for First_Aid

V25_04 First_Aid

Miss Jones and a friend become a little ‘tied up’ with revising their first aid skills!

Run time: 18 minutes 22 seconds

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Image for HooteCuture_Pt1

V25_05 HooteCuture_Pt1

Miss Jones goes to two famous fashion designers to get a special outfit for an awards ceremony. With two professionals on the job what could possibly go wrong?

Run time: 15 minutes 30 seconds

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Image for HulaHoopStrip

V25_06 HulaHoopStrip

If Miss Jones can’t talk whilst chewing gum, how can she possibly hula hoop and strip at the same time? Watch this video to find out!

Run time: 16 minutes 3 seconds

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