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MJV24 - Miss Jones's Faux Pas

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In this collection Miss Jones invites you to join her police work investigations and laugh at her various faux pas. For various reasons, whatever she does, her clothes always seem to disappear!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 41 minutes

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Image for Faux_Pas

V24_01 Faux_Pas

The chief Librarian invites some of the library staff to stay at his house as part of a team building weekend but things begin to go wrong from the start!

Run time: 13 minutes 50 seconds

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Image for Undercover_Pt1

V24_02 Undercover_Pt1

At great personal risk, Miss Jones goes off the grid with her Special Police Constable duties when she takes it upon herself to go undercover and investigate some suspicious activities!

Run time: 14 minutes 40 seconds

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Image for TakeThat_Crime

V24_03 TakeThat_Crime

Two bungling burglars in a warehouse tie up, strip and spank Miss Jones before taking some very compromising photos.

Run time: 20 minutes 8 seconds

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Image for Bodyguard

V24_04 Bodyguard

As treasurer of the Church jumble sale, Miss Jones is left in charge of a lot of money. Thank goodness there is a professional bodyguard to look after her!

Run time: 20 minutes 56 seconds

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Image for Homeland

V24_05 Homeland

Miss Jones is duped by a bogus Homeland Security Officer.who insists on giving her a very thorough search!

Run time: 17 minutes 53 seconds

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Image for Cleaning_Lady_Strip

V24_06 Cleaning_Lady_Strip

Miss Jones shows you how she banishes the boredom of housework!

Run time: 14 minutes 27 seconds

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