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MJV18 - Miss Jones Buries the Hatchet

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Our lady has come up with another wonderful collection of video stories, some hilarious, some spicy but all stunningly sexy showing us even more ways whereby she is stripped, tricked, massaged and spanked, or just enjoys herself teasing you. Ooh - and she's very proud of her new 'crew-cut', so be sure not to miss it!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 47 minutes

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Image for Hatchet

V18_01 Hatchet

If you enjoyed Miss S-B-S's brief appearance in "Spellbound", you'll be falling off your seat as she users her hilarious wickedness to trick the unsuspecting Miss Jones into revealing all - and I mean ALL!

Run time: 22 minutes 25 seconds

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Image for Massage

V18_02 Massage

In this final episode in her Job Interview trilogy, Miss J is rewarded by a nice relaxing massage. Hang on! Does this look like a relaxing massage?! (Not to be missed by spanking enthusiasts.)

Run time: 14 minutes seconds

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Image for Soap

V18_03 Soap

A very enthusiastic soap salesmen insists on demonstrating the quality and smoothness of his products on Miss J's most sensitive areas!

Run time: 17 minutes 41 seconds

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Image for Draughts

V18_04 Draughts

An archetypal council inspector has a novel way of checking Miss J's house for draughts - and checking Miss J too!

Run time: 20 minutes 58 seconds

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Image for Antiques

V18_05 Antiques

A self-styled antiques expert tricks Miss J not only into modelling her sexiest retro lingerie but also much more - again with an ending for all spanking fans.

Run time: 16 minutes 39 seconds

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Image for Crew_Cut_Strip

V18_06 Crew_Cut_Strip

Having been a bit over-enthusiastic when attempting a light trim of her nether areas, Miss J is quite pleased with the result. I think you will be more than pleased!

Run time: 15 minutes 46 seconds

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