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MJV16 - Miss Jones is Still Ringing

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In this very funny and sexy video collection, Miss Jones will thrill you as she lives out some more entertaining fantasy stories. Amongst other scenarios, see her stripping out of her nurse's uniform, taking her revenge on a house guest when he is at his most vulnerable(!!), and the conclusion of the dream butler story.

Overall run-time: 1 hour 49 minutes

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Image for Day_Off

V16_01 Day_Off

A day off from work gives Miss Jones a chance to catch up on her housework. It's funny how Mr Swizzle keeps appearing when things go wrong!

Run time: 15 minutes 32 seconds

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Image for Masterful

V16_02 Masterful

Miss Jones gives a timid man tips on how to become more masterful but the results are not quite what she had hoped for!

Run time: 26 minutes 9 seconds

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Image for Nurse_Jones

V16_03 Nurse_Jones

A senior doctor takes advantage of the new Nurse Jones but she gets her own back in the end!

Run time: 12 minutes 19 seconds

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Image for Retaliation

V16_04 Retaliation

Miss Jones is hosting a rude house guest but takes her revenge in style!

Run time: 15 minutes 14 seconds

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Image for Safety_Codes

V16_05 Safety_Codes

A Health and Safety Inspector arrives at the library and proceeds to show Miss J how to use her muscle massager!

Run time: 16 minutes 35 seconds

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Image for YesMLady_Pt2

V16_06 YesMLady_Pt2

Miss Jones's dream butler gives her a bath followed by a thorough going over with some body lotion!

Run time: 23 minutes 12 seconds

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