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MJV14 - Miss Jones's Woodland Trail

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This exciting collection of videos will have you falling off your chair with laughter and mopping your brow as Miss Jones finds herself in some very steamy and tricky situations.

Overall run-time: 1 hour 52 minutes

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Image for Woodland_Trail

V14_01 Woodland_Trail

Miss Jones is determined not to get lost in the woods so she decides to leave a trail of her own clothing. Alas, when she tries to retrace her steps her clothing is gone! How on earth will she get back to the car and will anyone notice she is driving down the motorway naked!?

Run time: 16 minutes 42 seconds

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Image for Evaluation

V14_02 Evaluation

An electrical goods salesman tries to get Miss Jones to purchase a wonderful new gizmo but refuses to leave it with her to evaluate before purchase. What can Miss Jones do to persuade him?

Run time: 15 minutes 40 seconds

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Image for Ballroom

V14_03 Ballroom

Miss Jones tries to teach a chap to dance. She finds he has three handicaps - two left feet and an irate wife who keeps finding them in all manner of compromising positions!

Run time: 27 minutes 5 seconds

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Image for Doctor

V14_04 Doctor

A doctor in need of directions is inveigled by Miss Jones to give her a therapeutic massage – but what is he really a doctor of?

Run time: 10 minutes 46 seconds

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Image for Wine_Tasting_Pt1

V14_05 Wine_Tasting_Pt1

Miss Jones is keen to learn more about her favourite subject so she invites a wine expert to her home for a wine tasting session. The poor chap gets a lot more than he bargained for and Miss Jones’s imagination works overtime!

Run time: 17 minutes 27 seconds

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Image for ENF_Therapy

V14_06 ENF_Therapy

To overcome her nervousness at the thought of wearing a skimpy bikini on holiday Miss Jones undertakes some therapy but by the end of the session it is her therapist who needs therapy!

Run time: 12 minutes 16 seconds

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Image for White_Hat_Strip

V14_07 White_Hat_Strip

Miss Jones gets carried away while trying on a new outfit and ends up performing an accidental sexy striptease for her neighbour!

Run time: 12 minutes 10 seconds

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