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MJV12 - Miss Jones's Warm Up

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This DVD brings you a diverse selection of humorous and erotic situations. In one clip you will see her having her clothes confiscated for breach of copyright and in another every painter and decorator's dream comes true!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 47 minutes

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Image for Home_Inspector

V12_01 Home_Inspector

New home regulations mean that Miss Jones must demonstrate her house is fit for purpose so she dresses accordingly – only she ends up undressing accordingly too! She hasn't been tricked again, has she?!

Run time: 20 minutes 58 seconds

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Image for Audition

V12_02 Audition

Miss J auditions for the summer season in the repertory theatre but each part she auditions for requires fewer and fewer clothes!

Run time: 10 minutes 7 seconds

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Image for WarmUp_Part1

V12_03 WarmUp_Part1

Miss Jones is 'hot' but still needs further warming! A lucky painter and decorator gets a second job to complete Chez Jones!!!

Run time: 22 minutes 4 seconds

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Image for Foam_Therapy

V12_04 Foam_Therapy

She loves trying new beauty therapies so Miss J is delighted to find she can have 'foam therapy' in her own home. Would anyone else like to train as a foam therapist!?

Run time: 16 minutes 1 seconds

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Image for Hardly_Davison

V12_05 Hardly_Davison

Keen to model for the new Hardly Davison store, Miss Jones is told she is breaching copyright by wearing unauthorized outfits. Are the two officials really from the new store or could they be imposters?

Run time: 15 minutes 49 seconds

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Image for Burlesque_Strip

V12_06 Burlesque_Strip

Miss Jones finds an old outfit belonging to an aunt and dreams she is wearing it – only it's a burlesque-style outfit and she is stripping on stage!

Run time: 22 minutes 17 seconds

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