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MJV10 - Miss Jones Has a Great Feeling

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In more ways than one! Miss Jones brings you a multitude of completely new stories with her usual brand of humour, sexiness and daring. From stripping off in front of the doctor to a very sexy self-massage, whatever your “thing” is you are bound to find something you will love about this latest video!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 54 minutes

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Image for Cookery_Class

V10_01 Cookery_Class

Miss Jones gives a cookery class (with apologies to British comedy favourite, Joyce Grenfell and her one woman monologues.) A great performance by our lady – in more senses than one!

Run time: 15 minutes 25 seconds

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Image for StunningWPC_Etc

V10_02 StunningWPC_Etc

Featuring two short stories. In the first, Miss J visits the doctor in the hope of getting a cure for her strange affliction of taking her clothes off in public! In the second, while on Special Police duty Miss J and Fido capture a thief only it’s a case of mistaken identity. ‘Attack Dog’ Fido is no help!

Run time: 10 minutes 51 seconds

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Image for Party_Cream

V10_03 Party_Cream

Miss J is ready to leave for a dinner at Plumpton Manor, but an annoying itch is sending her up the wall. Luckily her chauffeur for the evening is willing to rub some cream on her to stop the itch…..Does she go to the ball? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Run time: 26 minutes 14 seconds

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Image for Rip_Off

V10_04 Rip_Off

A cable TV man is really irritating Miss J and a bit of argy bargy between them turns into a full blown wrestling match during which Miss J’s dress gets a little torn. Well, shredded actually! And as for the rest of her clothes. . .

Run time: 20 minutes 41 seconds

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Image for Vicars

V10_05 Vicars

Miss J is given the task of helping to choose the new Vicar for the Parish. The two vicars compete for Miss J’s favour so to make a final decision she sets them the ultimate test, the winner of which will have resisted the temptations of Jezebel!

Run time: 12 minutes 1 seconds

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Image for Blue_Massager

V10_06 Blue_Massager

A very sexy video in which Miss J gives herself an all over massage to music, with her little body massage machine and then with the aid of some body oil!

Run time: 29 minutes 12 seconds

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