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MJV09 - Miss Jones - The Bare Facts

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And boy does she get bare! Eight new chapters of the delicious Miss J finding yet new ways to remove her clothes or have them removed by someone else. Not only is she tricked into being blindfolded and stripped, but we see the other side of our lady where she tricks a hapless male into doing all the work while she lays back and enjoys her bath! We see a new character in Fraulein Viplash who really turns the tables on a door-to-door salesman. There are more gripping (and stripping!) stories, and for your further enjoyment we end with some additional snippets including some highly amusing outtakes or bloopers!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 50 minutes

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Image for Lesson

V09_01 Lesson

Miss Jones feels honoured when Miss Farquhart asks her to assist in giving English lessons to some French men, but she doesn’t realise what the old bat has up her sleeve!

Run time: 8 minutes 17 seconds

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Image for Feng_Shui

V09_02 Feng_Shui

Some familiar con-artists fool Miss Jones into performing all sorts of tasks which result in her losing her clothes each time! Miss J makes sure they get their come uppance in the end!

Run time: 17 minutes 10 seconds

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Image for Survey

V09_03 Survey

Miss Jones is conducting a survey into male reactions and discovers some rather (un)surprising results!

Run time: 9 minutes 18 seconds

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Image for Watched

V09_04 Watched

Whilst on the beach Miss Jones realises she is being watched so she decides to put on a bit of a show!

Run time: 11 minutes 2 seconds

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Image for Extortion

V09_05 Extortion

Miss Jones and her friend gang up on the friend’s husband. His wife catches him in a very compromising situation and getting back into her good books will involve spending some money!

Run time: 10 minutes 49 seconds

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Image for NewLook_Strip

V09_06 NewLook_Strip

Miss Jones has a new look in ‘certain areas’ and shows it off during a very sexy dance.

Run time: 14 minutes 47 seconds

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Image for Viplash

V09_07 Viplash

Miss Jones as you have never seen her before! A luckless door-to-door salesman fails to escape the clutches of Miss Viplash!

Run time: 11 minutes 14 seconds

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Image for Bathtime

V09_08 Bathtime

Miss Jones’s boiler breaks down so she has a leisurely bath (without doing any of the work herself) at the plumber’s house – only his wife is due home any minute!

Run time: 16 minutes 15 seconds

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Image for Snippets

V09_09 Snippets

A collection of unmissable clips including bloopers, mysterious happenings at the dentist, having trouble keeping her skirt down on a windy day and a newsreader who thinks she will be filmed only from the waist up…and more!

Run time: 11 minutes 33 seconds

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