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MJV08 - Miss Jones in Trouble Again

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Miss Jones is delighted to bring you yet another DVD full of sexy, erotic and extremely funny sketches. In the first, she travels back in time with “Stand and Deliver”. In “Stocking Tease”, listen for the swish swish as she shows off those legs, and in “Double Glazed”, watch the replacement window salesman sweat bullets when she is more interested in taking off all her clothes than listening to his sales pitch. “Snowbound” will be of special interest to all our foot enthusiasts, and in “Mission Improbable” you’ll go back in the Miss Jones lineage and see how one of her relatives makes Mata Hari look like a shy little school girl when she goes 'under cover'(!). And yes, there is much more!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 56 minutes

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Image for Stand_and_Deliver

V08_01 Stand_and_Deliver

Having read a gripping book in the library she has a very vivid dream that night. Dreams and reality blur in a fascinating and puzzling tale involving repeated clothing loss and the mysterious appearance of roses!

Run time: 11 minutes 46 seconds

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Image for Stocking_Tease

V08_02 Stocking_Tease

Miss Jones dresses in seamed stockings and new shoes and shows off her legs and feet in a highly erotic tease – just for you!

Run time: 17 minutes 13 seconds

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Image for Double_Glazed

V08_03 Double_Glazed

A double-glazing salesman has difficulty concentrating on his sales pitch once Miss Jones starts disrobing. In mischievous mood Miss Jones manoeuvres him into a very compromising situation before letting on that someone is looking in the window – his wife!

Run time: 29 minutes 52 seconds

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Image for Mission_Improbable

V08_04 Mission_Improbable

A trip back to WW2 to see one of Miss J’s ancestors on an audacious mission to misinform the enemy. Having been captured she manages to escape back to HQ but there is a little something she has forgotten!

Run time: 16 minutes 46 seconds

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Image for Fancy_Dress

V08_05 Fancy_Dress

A delivery man gets more (much, much more!) than he bargained for when Miss J insists on testing out her new fancy dress outfit in front of him!

Run time: 25 minutes 7 seconds

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Image for Shorties

V08_06 Shorties

Miss Jones has a friend and the friend’s boyfriend to stay and accidentally walks in on the boyfriend before he is dressed. There are double entendres galore in this tale as she admires his body art! The second snippet shows a snowy day. Miss Jones is left stranded until an intrepid taxi driver rescues her. She invites him in for a warming drink but he ends up warming Miss Jones!

Run time: 16 minutes 14 seconds

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