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MJV07 - Miss Jones and the Handyman

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“Miss Jones's Party Time” was so well received that we thought our girl would be hard pressed to equal it. We needn't have worried! Reviews of “Miss Jones and the Handyman”, indicate that she has not only equalled “Party Time” but surpassed it! In “Handyman”, we have a marvellous collection of eight erotic, funny and revealing indoor and outdoor sketches. She gets saturated, stripped, smothered in chocolate, scrubbed down, massaged and she performs what is probably the most delightful striptease she has ever done. To add to your enjoyment, the varied collection of music tracks was composed and performed especially for this video, with much of the credit going to our own talented Yahoo Group host - Ed!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 51 minutes

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Image for Handyman

V07_01 Handyman

Miss Jones shows a handyman all the jobs that need doing around the house and ends up showing him a lot more besides!

Run time: 24 minutes 55 seconds

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Image for Beauty_Treatment

V07_02 Beauty_Treatment

A pair of bogus beauty therapists arrive to give Miss Jones a treat but it’s debateable who gets the biggest treat! See her smothered in chocolate, tickled and given an ice-cold massage, then left naked in the countryside for some fresh air therapy!

Run time: 15 minutes 6 seconds

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Image for Dust_and_Strip

V07_03 Dust_and_Strip

Miss Jones enjoys showing off to the gardener while she is doing her housework. This striptease leaves them very hot under the collar, as it will you!

Run time: 16 minutes 42 seconds

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Image for Lady_With_Flowers

V07_04 Lady_With_Flowers

Miss Jones is flattered to be painted by an artist but is very surprised at the way that she is painted!

Run time: 14 minutes 11 seconds

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Image for Body_Shaping

V07_05 Body_Shaping

A series of treatments by body shaping expert has an unexpected twist when she finds she has not been seeing the expert himself but some other bright spark!

Run time: 21 minutes 14 seconds

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Image for Fallout_Etc

V07_06 Fallout_Etc

In this collection there’s a Phantom Spanker about and he’s after Miss Jones! She also falls into the swimming pool fully clothed and is ‘saved’ by a bogus lifeguard. In the third snippet a familiar pair of con-artists trick Miss J into removing her clothes before she goes shopping in town because of radiation. They then turn up at Chez Jones to give her a scrubdown outside her own front door!

Run time: 19 minutes 2 seconds

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