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MJV06 - Miss Jones’s Party Time

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If you enjoyed her “New Friends” video, you are sure to enjoy “Party Time”! This is a collection of 10 even more sexy, erotic, funny, indoor, outdoor and extremely revealing sketches. Some are brand new stories and in others she brings to life on video some of the picture stories from her web site such as the ever popular “Blind Mans Buff”. At her “Party” we see her dancing naked on the table surrounded by her guests, and in “Headmaster” it's not difficult to guess what she's going to get!

Overall run-time: 1 hour 57 minutes

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Image for Party

V06_01 Party

Miss Jones’s party goes with a swing once they decide to play strip poker – the only trouble is Miss Jones has no idea how to play poker. Not to worry! Her kind guests tell her the rules. (Their rules!)

Run time: 12 minutes 48 seconds

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Image for Late_Book

V06_02 Late_Book

The return of a late library book turns into a wrestling match as the borrower is unwilling to pay the fine!

Run time: 13 minutes 57 seconds

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Image for Privacy_Invasion

V06_03 Privacy_Invasion

Without her knowledge a security device salesman plants hidden cameras around Miss Jones’s house. What embarrassing antics will it catch her performing? And what will the salesman do with the film?!

Run time: 15 minutes 25 seconds

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Image for Country_Walk

V06_04 Country_Walk

A bucolic scene in a beautiful and isolated location. Miss Jones decides a bit of sunbathing would be just the ticket but how can she put suntan lotion on all those hard to reach places? Luckily for her she is not as alone as she thought she was!

Run time: 14 minutes 33 seconds

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Image for Garden_Party

V06_05 Garden_Party

Ever the charity benefactor, Miss Jones throws a garden party to raise funds. She can’t understand why people keep misinterpreting the signs on the stalls she is manning!

Run time: 12 minutes 58 seconds

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Image for Blind_Mans_Buff

V06_06 Blind_Mans_Buff

Whilst cleaning for a blind man Miss J spills cleaning fluid on her uniform. Not to worry! She simply removes her uniform, safe in the knowledge that nobody will know she is naked – or will they?!!

Run time: 11 minutes 25 seconds

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Image for Dream_Fantasy

V06_07 Dream_Fantasy

Falling asleep whilst watching a film starring her favourite heartthrob, she dreams a wonderful romantic dream. Sadly for her she is brought smartly back to reality!

Run time: 11 minutes 33 seconds

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Image for Hot_Strip

V06_08 Hot_Strip

A sizzling pole dance and striptease from Miss Jones. I bet you wish you were there!

Run time: 13 minutes 9 seconds

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Image for Headmaster_Etc

V06_09 Headmaster_Etc

A trip back to Miss Jones’s school days sees her in the headmaster’s office receiving her punishment. In the present day Miss Jones finds herself working at her old school. She never grew out of being a clumsy klutz though and finds herself back in the headmaster’s office! The second tale involves a surprise visit from Father Christmas who delivers some lovely body lotion. Who better to rub it in than Santa?!

Run time: 11 minutes 36 seconds

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