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MJV04 - Miss Jones Makes New Friends

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This varied assortment of all-new sketches and clips brings you some of the funniest, sexiest, naughtiest, most erotic and revealing situations that Miss J has ever done! From being handcuffed knicker-less in the woods to being given a bath by the delivery man - there is something here to suit all tastes.

Overall run-time: 1 hour 51 minutes

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Image for Delivery_Man

V04_01 Delivery_Man

A delivery man rings the doorbell while Miss J is in the bath so rather than step out she calls for him to come upstairs. He is roped in to scrub all those hard-to-reach places!

Run time: 17 minutes 0 seconds

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Image for Insurance_Strip

V04_02 Insurance_Strip

The Insurance man stays for a cup of tea and gets more than he bargained for when Miss Jones gets carried away listening to one of her favourite CDs!

Run time: 16 minutes 21 seconds

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Image for Good_Vibrations

V04_03 Good_Vibrations

Miss Jones is expecting an important phone call. The Vicar is due but she doesn’t want to miss the call so she turns the phone to ‘vibrate’ mode and hides it in her knickers - with some very interesting results!

Run time: 10 minutes 13 seconds

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Image for Special_Delivery

V04_04 Special_Delivery

The contents of a special delivery parcel has Miss Jones puzzled until the delivery man shows her how to use it. A very erotic clip!

Run time: 18 minutes 51 seconds

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Image for Knicked_Etc

V04_05 Knicked_Etc

Miss Jones receives an anonymous tip-off about a planned crime. If she manages to apprehend the perpetrator, could this be the path to promotion? She certainly causes a stir, but not the sort she had planned! In our second snippet Miss Jones has a nasty crack in her conservatory roof, which she is showing to a handy man but that’s not all she is showing! There is also a story in which Miss J hears a persistent buzzing while in the garden. It couldn’t be a bee up her skirt, could it? There’s only one way to find out!

Run time: 15 minutes 25 seconds

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Image for Colonel_Etc

V04_06 Colonel_Etc

A retired colonel invites Miss J to dinner followed by a history lesson. The lesson involves a relief map in the form of Miss Jones herself. Miss Jones later discovers the colonel is not all he seems! In snippet number two Miss Jones is late for work again proudly boasts that she managed not to forget anything. Little does she know she has forgotten something rather vital! In our third selection Miss Jones is tending her vegetable patch when she accidentally spills water on her clothes. There’s only one thing for it and that is to remove them and hang them on the trees to dry. That’s just when Mr Swizzle decides to make his presence felt!

Run time: 17 minutes 39 seconds

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Image for Attic_Etc

V04_07 Attic_Etc

Snippet 1: The Vicar is always happy to see Miss Jones take her knickers down – even if it is only down from the washing line! Snippet 2: Miss Jones in a very short skirt making multiple trips up a ladder to get things out of the attic. Guess what she has forgotten to put on! Snippet 3: Miss Jones is doing her washing and decides what she has on must go into the machine too. It’s not until she is nearly naked that she realises someone has been watching the whole performance! Snippet 4: An artist agrees to let Miss J model for him and asks her to strip off. It’s not until she is naked that she finds out his true intentions!

Run time: 15 minutes 55 seconds

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