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MJV03 - Miss Jones - Estate Agent

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“Miss Jones - Estate Agent” brings you a number of short stories. In one story, Miss Jones shows you round a villa making sure you get good views of all the most interesting features. In another she seems to forget that she’s wearing only a short slip with nothing underneath when she tries to show you all the faults on her TV set! You'll also find some other revealing tales.

Overall run-time: 1 hour 13 minutes

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Image for Estate_Agent

V03_01 Estate_Agent

Miss Jones gets locked out of the house she is showing. Having managed to gain entry she gives her clients a thorough tour of the house – and her underwear!

Run time: 14 minutes 50 seconds

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Image for Dust_n_Polish

V03_02 Dust_n_Polish

Miss Jones gets on with her housework in her own inimitable style, only for the vicar to arrive early!

Run time: 11 minutes 40 seconds

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Image for Striptease

V03_03 Striptease

Miss Jones performs a hot striptease for you. First off is her skirt, then her top, to reveal a beautiful red silk slip. Under that she has on…well you need to watch it to find out!

Run time: 16 minutes 53 seconds

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Image for Resourceful

V03_04 Resourceful

Cleaning the stairs is hot work and when she finds she has a hole in her duster she improvises – with her knickers!

Run time: 6 minutes 44 seconds

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Image for Cookery_Lesson

V03_05 Cookery_Lesson

Miss Jones shows you how to make a delicious meal but will you be able to concentrate when you realise what she is not wearing?!

Run time: 11 minutes 39 seconds

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Image for Scratch_Etc

V03_06 Scratch_Etc

Miss Jones gets a nasty scratch. The doctor kindly agrees to a housecall for a tetanus jab. Nobody told Miss Jones they no longer give tetanus jabs in that part of the anatomy! And she’d do well to check the identity of her callers before stripping off in front of them! In the second snippet the TV repair man is early an Miss Jones is not yet fully dressed. There’s a good show on later which she wants to see but the repair man is quite happy with the show he is getting right now!

Run time: 11 minutes 17 seconds

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