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MJV01 - Miss Jones at Play

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In response to requests from many customers, I thought is was time to rummage through my attic and dig out some of the old video clips that lay buried up there. I've made them into a compilation, and on “Miss Jones at Play”, you'll see me dancing, stripping, running around totally naked and just doing lots of very naughty things.

Overall run-time: 1 hour 25 minutes

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Image for Slow_Strip

V01_01 Slow_Strip

Miss Jones performs a tantalising slow striptease for your viewing pleasure!

Run time: 9 minutes 50 seconds

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Image for Undies_Show

V01_02 Undies_Show

Miss Jones’s date persuades her, after a drink or two, to show off her undies - and much more besides! Warning: Do not watch if you have high blood pressure!

Run time: 16 minutes 36 seconds

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Image for Eastern_Dance

V01_03 Eastern_Dance

Miss Jones performs an exotic Eastern dance culminating in her getting ‘totally carried away’!

Run time: 9 minutes 0 seconds

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Image for Poledance_Etc

V01_04 Poledance_Etc

In this section you will see Miss Jones practicing a sexy striptease dance and a red hot pole dance which you will play over and over again!

Run time: 10 minutes 52 seconds

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Image for Stockings_Tricks_Etc

V01_05 Stockings_Tricks_Etc

Miss Jones in black seamed stockings and a tight skirt, describes the tricks she plays to get mens’ attention! In the second part Miss J does two performances of a very erotic striptease dance – and makes different mistakes each time!

Run time: 11 minutes 20 seconds

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Image for Picnic_Etc

V01_06 Picnic_Etc

It’s a windy day and Miss Jones shows you why it is her favourite weather for walking the dog. Lots of up-skirt views in public! In part 2 Miss Jones is in brief exercise gear, stretching and limbering up. The exercise gear doesn’t stay on long when she realises a neighbour is watching! Part 3 involves Miss Jones going on a picnic. I wonder what she will do with the bananas and squirty cream that she has packed in her picnic basket!

Run time: 16 minutes 36 seconds

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Image for Carwash_Etc

V01_07 Carwash_Etc

The first sequence is the first piece of video Miss J ever did. She gets rather wet while washing a friend’s car so decides it’s time to strip off. And it’s not just the car that gets a wash! In the second sequence Miss Jones takes a train ride and ends up flashing while wearing nothing but her mac. Wouldn’t that be a shock for the ticket collector?!

Run time: 11 minutes 22 seconds

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