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MJS09 - Take a holiday with Miss Jones

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Outline: Miss J and her guest will be staying in private luxury accommodation in which her guest will enjoy almost unlimited opportunity (within reason!) to photograph, video and generally interact with Miss J as she goes about her day-to-day business.

Locations: In order to take advantage of the sunshine and the excellent outdoor shooting opportunities offered by Spain, our location will be a luxury villa near Valencia. Please click here to see details of this villa and the surrounding area.

Activities: Guests can swim in or relax around the pool, and generally enjoy the amenities of the villa. (Miss J will be happy to delegate control of the barbecue to any guests expert in the art.) You can dine with Miss J, swim with Miss J (who prefers to swim 'au naturale'), dance with Miss J (possibly with Miss J also 'au naturale'!) and encourage Miss J to wear your favourite outfit for dinner etc. Following a few glasses of the local Rioja, Miss J will be no doubt be delighted to demonstrate one of her extremely sexy striptease routines.

Photography and video: Guests will of course be able to photograph and video Miss J suffering her usual problems of clumsiness, catastrophic knicker-elastic failure, and falling into the pool fully clothed (or in her underwear - or not!) But in addition she will be happy to pose, indoors or outdoors, for specific modelling styles including classical figure, glamour, humour, fantasy and naturist.

Schedule: Miss J's visits to Spain are sporadic but flexible. If you would like to spend time with Miss Jones in Spain, please give her as wide a range of possible dates as you can so that she can plan her visits accordingly.

Travel: As there are many cheap flights to Spain, especially from UK airports, we leave guests to make their own travel arrangements. The nearest international airport is Valencia, but Alicante is only a couple of hours away by hire-car.

Costs: Aside from your flights and transport to the villa, costs are fully inclusive, and are roughly the same as for \A Day (or More) with Miss Jones\ in the UK.