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MJS05 - Take part in your own Miss Jones fantasy story

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You can be the co-star in your own private Miss Jones story which you can take home as an album of still photographs or as a video DVD.

Your Own Fantasy Story: The story will be for you and you only (and those you wish to show it to in private). You don't need a complicated story, the simpler the better. If you don't have one in mind, Miss Jones can suggest some ideas that you will probably like.

If you're a long-term web-site member, you've probably seen lots of stories where her 'co-stars' (who are all unpaid volunteers from her Yahoo Group) have subjected her to all manner of ordeals. They've stripped her on countless occasions. They've tied her naked to the bed, once even using her own stockings and underwear which they'd taken off her. They've sluiced her down in cold water both indoors and outdoors; they've spanked her bare bottom, tickled her all over, smothered her body with body paint, chocolate spread and various other concoctions. They've picked her up, laid her down, and had her fall naked on top of them.

You are welcome to encompass any of these scenarios in your fantasy stills- or video- story (and you can probably think of more which she might be willing to accommodate). Remember though that it's not for real. It's just a story in which you and she are actors. Your pictures will be burned on to a CD for you to take home and enjoy at your leisure. Hopefully it should prove an exciting reminder of the great time you had with Miss Jones..

For more information on prices and on how to make this happen, please visit the link labelled 'Reservations'.