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MJS04 - Enjoy Miss Jones Hospitality

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Simply relax in Miss J's company whether it be outdoors, visiting a local bar or restaurant, or at her home.

In Miss J's own words: It's an idea to have a little camera in your pocket. You never know when I might have one of my knicker-elastic failures or similar accident! There's plenty of scope for 'watching and enjoying' as I go about the business of preparing your coffee, food etc. I can so easily forget that I'm wearing only my underwear! I'll be pleased to hear your suggestions on what you'd like me to wear for dinner at home, whether it be full evening dress, sexy underwear or a flimsy see-through baby-doll nightie!

Similarly, if we go out for coffee or a drink or visit a nice restaurant by the waterside, I'll be flattered if you suggest what I might wear. You could suggest a nice long dress or skirt with stockings, or a skimpy little cocktail dress with so little underneath that I have to sit oh-so carefully on the bar stool. If the weather is warm, we could go for a picnic. I'd probably have no objection to your helping me off with my clothes and stockings so that I can do a little sunbathing. Or we could go to the local naturist beach. Remember to take along a little sun cream to apply to those parts of me which might be at risk from sunburn.

Back at home after sharing a bottle of wine, I'll probably be sufficiently relaxed to show you some striptease routines including some that I hope will take your breath away! Pull up a chair close to the dance pole, and pretend you're in the Elegance Club, down in the town. I might start fully clothed, but to avoid getting overheated, I'll probably welcome a little help taking off my clothes and stockings. Don't be afraid to ask me to dance with you, although space limitations will probably limit our dance to a 'smooch', which over here simply means a slow dance with little movement.

If you stay overnight, don't miss out on my offer of morning tea or coffee served in your room. But have your camera handy. If you ask me to open the curtains, I might slip off my mules (which is all I'll be wearing not having had time to get dressed) and perch up on the desk by the big picture window to take in the view..

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