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MJS03 - Capture Miss Jones on Video

Image for Videography

Capturing Miss J on video will be a rewarding experience, whether she is acting out your own fantasy story, or running through one or more of her exotic dance routines.

Capture the sound of Miss J's spoken words - itself a pleasurable experience - as well as her actions in a video scenario chosen by yourself. Or help her decide on an outfit (or none!) for videoing one or more of her sexy dance routines which include classic striptease, middle-east dance, pole dance and a highly erotic lap dance.

No video experience is necessary. If you are a complete beginner, Miss J will give you all the help you need. She can lend you a digital camcorder if necessary, and transfer the results to DVD for you to take home.

Again, You call the shots on the style, poses and what you'd like Miss J to wear (or not)..

For more information on prices and on how to make this happen, please visit the link labelled Reservations.