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MJS01 - A Day (or More) With Miss Jones

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Whether you spend 'A Day (or More) With Miss Jones' or just a couple of hours, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time enjoying her one-on-one company and hospitality. You will have the opportunity to capture Miss Jones in photographs or video, and if you wish in the longer 'Day With' visits, the two of you can visit local places of interest. Back at 'Chez Jones', you can watch (or help!) Miss J do what she does best to guarantee you an unforgetable experience.

The price includes:
- All of Miss J's time, work and energy in hosting and entertaining you to the best of her ability
- All your food and accommodation whilst you are staying with Miss J
- Collection from and delivery to the local railway station and travel costs within Miss J's home city
So there should be no extra costs once you get here, unless you want to travel further afield or go out to an expensive restaurant or something along those lines.

The price does NOT include:
- Your travel costs in getting to and from Miss J's home in the UK. (You need to make your own arrangements, but getting here from Gatwick airport or from London is easy.)
- Fares for sight-seeing expeditions outside of Miss J's home city
- Visits to expensive restaurants or similar places outside of Miss J's standard practice.

For more details of the various possibilities and options which you can mix and match to suit your preferences, please visit the other links on the left under the heading of 'Visits & Commissions'.

For information on prices and on how to make this happen, please visit the link labelled 'Reservations'.