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MJC06 - Fido's Follies

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In recognition of National Pet Month (April in the USA and May in the UK), Miss J brings you a 16-set compilation of 584 images all featuring our favourite furry friend. As usual Fido does his best to create as much mischief and embarrassment as he can. Miss Jones dedicates this release to helping adopt / rescue as many pets as possible.

The 'Fido's Follies' PhotoSet consists of 16 separate PhotoStories, containing a total of 584 pictures of Miss Jones.

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Image for Follies_Group_1

C06_01 Follies_Group_1

Library Frolics, Outtakes, Switcheroo, Wash Day Helper, Who's the Boss

Consists of 5 PhotoStories containing a total of 194 pictures

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C06_02 Follies_Group_2

Burr Removal, Devil Dog, Grooming, Posing, Treats

Consists of 5 PhotoStories containing a total of 197 pictures

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C06_03 Follies_Group_3

Lost Toy, More Dinner, Playmate, Reluctant Bath, Sunbathing, (Dis)Obedience

Consists of 6 PhotoStories containing a total of 193 pictures

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