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Naked Outdoor

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Miss Jones loves to feel the warmth of the sun on her skin and the breeze in her hair while naked outdoor sunbathing in her own back garden or on a naturist beach. She often finds herself naked in the outdoors at other unscheduled times as well! She's not sure if she is just unlucky, or if this sort of thing happens to other people too!

It has been known for her clothes to be stolen or for her to be tricked out of her clothes leaving her naked outside and in a predicament as to how to salvage her modesty. She has even found herself naked outside her own front door! Her neighbours are quite used to her being naked in the outdoors and hardly seem to bat an eyelid.

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Naked in the Outdoors

Tied up and Naked in the Outdoors for some 'fresh air therapy'

Naked Outdoors

Being Naked Outdoors is fine if you have something to cover the important bits!

Naked Outside

Miss Jones often dreams she is Stark Naked Outside

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